Monitor & optimize

risk and impact

for a better overview of the sustainability of your investments.

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Key risk indicators in one place

First things first: Leafs risk screen

The full palette of risk metrics from volatility till value-at-risk and many more.
A breakdown by industries, countries, and currencies.

Impact monitoring

easier than you think

Leafs introduces: thematic impact screens

All relevant topics: carbon, ESG, biodiversity, sentiment data, and more
One data provider per theme. All with transparent methodologies.
Current regulations always covered (SFDR, Swiss Climate Scores, and more).


of impact and risk

Two components of today's wealth management

Custom combinations of risk and impact preferences.
Regulation-compliant optimization: Paris-Aligned portfolios and more.

Leafs technology

Access through the Leafs web application to create new portfolios and review their performance metrics.

Access via the Leafs API, to integrate Leafs into your existing asset management system for efficiency benefits.

Custom deployment on your IT infrastructure, ensuring all customer data remains on your premises.